After Ruth announced in October 2001 that she and Craig were getting married, Shannon and I decided to make them a quilt for a wedding present (well, actually I decided and then talked Shannon into it).  We started working on it in late November 2001 in great secrecy.  Shannon came over to my house a number of times over the winter, but we had to be careful not to let Ruth find out (since Shannon lives an hour away from me, she doesn't usually just come over on a whim).  We even worked on the quilt in the office a couple of times while Ruth was gone!  The quilt took SECOND PRIZE at the prestigious Durham, CT Fair in 2002!!

Below are a series of pictures showing the Making of Ruth's Quilt.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.  Best viewed in sequence.

FabricStrips.jpg (34282 bytes)  ShannonSewing.jpg (29354 bytes)  SheilaSewing.jpg (41151 bytes)  ShannonAssembles.jpg (36179 bytes)  PiecesArranged.jpg (66260 bytes)  LeftyApproved.jpg (35645 bytes)  ShannonBasting.jpg (55353 bytes)  BastingTeam.jpg (53381 bytes)  LeftyBlankets.jpg (30584 bytes)  DrawingPatterns.jpg (34861 bytes)  QuiltingPatterns.jpg (55340 bytes)  PatternCloseup.jpg (52884 bytes)  Binding.jpg (48102 bytes)  ShannonUnbasting.jpg (20509 bytes)  LeftyShannonUnbasting.jpg (34040 bytes)  Done.jpg (61627 bytes)  RuthCraig.jpg (63730 bytes)  ChicksOnQuilt.jpg (55068 bytes)  DurhamQuilts.jpg (27667 bytes)  QuiltGang.jpg (14276 bytes)